100% In-house Manufacturing

From Precision Machining to Injection (Molding), Plating/Coating, and Assembly, our Total Manufacturing Process provides the highest quality products with the shortest production/delivery time to ensure customer satisfaction.



★ Design


Mechanical, Electrical & Thermal Modeling coupled with rigorous testing provides the most advanced Engineering solutions.

★ Autolathe

Precision Fabrication - Automatic Lathe

Automatic Lathe machines provide technology capabilities and volume capacities to manufacture industry’s best Spring Contact Probes.


Precision Fabrication - MCT

State of the art Machining Centers provide technology capabilities and volume capacities to manufacture industry’s best IC Test Sockets.

★ Injection


Molding and Injection tools are manufactured in-house which provide short lead-time for the HVM sockets.

★ Spring

Spring Production

The micro spring, the core component for the Spring Contact Probe, is manufactured in-house. LEENO’s customization capability ensures the highest technology and advanced development.

★ plating


LEENO’s ownership of its plating facility allows total control in quality assurance as well as shortened production time.


★ Assembly


In-house assembly of a large variety of complicated products with a dedicated highly trained workforce combined with thorough inspection processes provide the best quality products all the time.



High-tech analytical equipment and software such as SEM/AFM/EDS/VNA/ADS/TDR provide rapid and technologically driven responses to customers’ product needs.

★ Inspection


LEENO’s inspection process ensures top quality products.

Barrel_Production (2)

Barrel Production

Barrels for Spring Contact Probes manufactured internally differentiates LEENO from other suppliers.

★ Reliability_Test

Reliability Testing

To enhance the reliability of LEENO’s products, LEENO performs durability test, hot/cold temp test, current rated test and other types of tests.

Customized Solution for your needs

LEENO’s 100% in-house manufacturing process provides our customers with the best quality & fast delivery.

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