Dear stakeholders,

Since LEENO has been found, striving to maintain the principle that “Employees are the Owners and Customers are the Mentors.” LEENO always provides highest quality products based on advanced technology and practices “Right-Path-Management” to become a trusted company. In order to carry out sustainability management systematically, which is a global standard, LEENO will always strive to enact to compliance and improved the labor rights, safety & health, environment, ethics and information which are the basic principle of the sustainability.

  1. LEENO will faithfully follow both domestic & international laws and its requirements.
  2. LEENO will create the sound corporate culture by fast and fair process to eliminate the irrationality and corruption based on creative and challenge spirit and high ethical sense of values.
  3. LEENO will comply with the customer requests through management based on ethics, responsibility and customer satisfaction.
  4. LEENO will respect the customers, shareholders and employees.
  5. LEENO will strive for continuous growth and improvement by enhancing corporate value and corporate competitiveness from achieving the expectations of various stakeholders by contributing to society and by creating the value that contributes to environmental problems.
  6. LEENO will exert its best effort in complying with regulations associated with conflict minerals that has been a global issue and in regulating and controlling conflict minerals together with domestic and foreign partners.