Fine Pitch Spring Contact Probe and Micro Drilling

LEENO manufactures fine pitch probes to 75 micron using high precision CNC machines.

Fine pitch solutions are provided with housing (Socket) developed through advanced machining techniques proving 30 micron hole size.

Both probe and housing has a proven mass production capability with actual field tests.


Fine Pitch Probe
> 50Ghz
Minimum 100um
Spring Force
> 6g (Customized)
Simple & Easy by Operator
Micro Drilling
Ceramic or Engineering Plastic
Hole Diameter Tolerance
+/- 3um
Hole Positional Tolerance
Minimum Wall Thickness


Customized Solution for your needs

LEENO’s 100% in-house manufacturing process provides our customers with the best quality & fast delivery.

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100% In-house Manufacturing

From Precision Machining to Injection (Molding), Plating/Coating, and Assembly, our Total Manufacturing Processes provides the highest quality products with the shortest production/delivery time to  ensure customer satisfaction.