Fine Pitch Non Magnetic Probe

LEENO has succeeded in developing Fine Pitch Non-magnetic Spring Probes in order to meet test requirements for fast growing use of Hall ICs/Sensors that are used for proximity switching, positioning or current sensing along with speed detection in mobile, automotive, industrial and other fields. This fine pitch non-magnetic spring probe ensures accurate measuring of DUT by minimizing possibility of probe itself disturbing natural magnetic fields of the earth.
Custom-designed non-magnetic spring probes are available
for device pitch of 200㎛ and larger.

Mechanical Spec. : 200㎛ Pitch Probe

Spring Force
5.2g @ 0.30mm
Recommended Travel
Full Travel
Plunger – Pd Alloy / No plated
Plunger – Pd Alloy / No plated
Barrel – Au Alloy / Au plated
Spring – SUS Wire / Au plated


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