LEENO offers you the most comprehensive assortment of test, i.e. Spring Contact Test Probes, IC Test Sockets, WLCSP Probe Card/Probe Head, Secondary Battery Charging Discharging Probes and Parts of Medical Equipment.  Our strength is to have customized solutions.  Here you can learn more about the wide range of products and services from LEENO.

RF Fine Pitch Probe

LEENO can provide the solution for RF fine pitch spring contact probe…

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coaxial probe vs coin

Fine Pitch Coaxial Probe

With unparalleled technology, coaxial structure and high precision machining equipment and assembly,…

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Fine Pitch Non Magnetic Probe

LEENO has succeeded in developing Fine Pitch Non-magnetic Spring Probes in order…

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logic main

Logic Test Socket

Offers test sockets for use on a wide range of packages (i.e.,…

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Probe Head

Kelvin probe head is designed using LEENO’s best processing technology. The Probe Head can…

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RF Socket

With unparalleled technology, coaxial structure, and high-precision machining equipment, LEENO can provide…

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Memory test socket

Memory Test Socket

Using advanced precision injection equipment and patented technology, LEENO can provide Total…

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Elastomer Socket

As a structure made of silicon and conductive powder, elastomer is a…

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Camera Module Socket

Designed for module testing, the socket includes the connector, camera and a…

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SLT Socket

Mobile Phone, Tablet, TV Board, Set-top box etc. LEENO can provide a…

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Spring Contact Probe (ICT)

LEENO provides a variety of choices, offering over 1,000 standard ICT probe…

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Semiconductor Probe

Using the spring contact probes for semiconductor package inspection, customers can test…

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Medical Equipment

The core components that make up the medical ultrasound probe are provided…

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Micro Parts

LEENO can produce all the micro parts for variable field such as…

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Pouch Type Battery Test

Leeno has a variety of power products that can apply up to…

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Cylindrical & Can Type Battery Test

Leeno has a variety of power products that can apply up to…

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